Six Tips for Winter Bliss

Dog-coldDepending on your dog, some are more tolerant of the cold than others. It is important to keep your canine buddy healthy and safe through the winter months. We have LONG extended winter weather here in Alberta, so we might as well make the most of it!

Above all else, you should never leave any dog outside for extended periods during extreme weather. So what to do?

Top Six Tips to Keep Your Dogs Healthy in Cold Weather

1. Bundle Up!  Dogs are just as susceptible to the wind chill and to frost bite as we are. Be aware of this and use a warm coat if your dog needs it. Short haired breeds are more susceptible to the cold.

2. Avoid Sidewalk Salt.  If the roads have been salted because of icy or snowy conditions, wash your dog’s paws after a walk to prevent ingestion of potentially harmful road salt. You can also use booties to protect their feet from salt and grit.

3. Cold Feet.  Has your dog ever started limping half way through your walk? Snow can gather and harden in between your dog’s toes, making it very uncomfortable for your dog to walk. You can use boots, or make sure to de-ice their pads along the way!

4. Daylight Savings.  Try and take your dog out during the warmest part of the day and go for shorter, more frequent walks if your dog is feeling the cold.

5. Stay In Shape.  Dogs can put on weight during the winter as cold conditions can be off-putting for humans! But exercise is still important, so bundle up and get out there. There is lots of fun to be had in the snow!

6. Indoor Enrichment. Puzzle toys, the “find it” game, hide-and-seek, bully sticks, stuffed Kongs, fetch and tug-o-war are just a few ideas to keep your dog’s mind stimulated and keep them active when the weather outside is frightful!

By: Erin Jones B.Sc., CPDT-KA

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