Alert! Facts about “Bully Sticks”

New study in the Canadian Veterinary Journal reveals interesting facts about "Bully Sticks":

1.) Surprising Ingredient: Bully Sticks are in fact made of bull penis. 45% of respondents to a national survey were not aware they were feeding their dogs this particular body part. There’s no particular harm in this, though some may find it unsavory!

2.) High in Calories: Bully Sticks may provide up to 30% of your dog’s daily caloric requirements! Canine caregivers often forget to account for the calories in doggie treats. With the epidemic of canine obesity, we must be more conscious of what we feed our pets. Consider splitting treats in half or quarter. There, you’ve just reduced the amount of calories your pet receives, but not the pleasure.

3.) Uncooked Meat: Bully Sticks are uncooked and considered raw meat. They can be source of bacteria including E. coli, Clostridum difficle and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). These bacteria are considered dangerous to humans, especially young children, individuals with poor immune systems and the elderly. Feeding any raw meats may put your household and its members at risk for serious disease.

4.) By-Product: Bully Sticks are considered an “animal by-product”. Not this is a bad thing, but some folks try to avoid it. With that said, “by-product” is an often misunderstood term when considering your pet’s food ingredients. For a discussion on this topic and more, stay tuned for a future blog, “How to Read Pet Food Labels”.

For a more in-depth discussion into feeding raw food and treats or reading and interpreting pet food labels, please talk to your veterinarian today!

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